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Rejuven Mix

A blend of herbs formulated for stiff or old horses
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Manufacturer: The Herbal Horse + Pet

A blend of herbs formulated for stiff or old horses

Use this if:

  • Your horse is stiff or suffers from arthritis
  • Your horse is old
  • During recovery from illness


Contains Devil’s Claw, MSM (anti-inflammatory), Ginseng (for energy), fenugreek (improves digestion), and garlic (fights off infections).


One to two scoops (15 -30 g per day), mixed into the concentrated feed. One 500 g bucket will last one horse 2 to 4 weeks.


Not to be used in pregnant mares because of the Ginseng and Devil’s Claw. Contact us and we can make a special mix for your pregnant mare.

Also, do not use with horses that have gastric ulcers. This is because it is possible that the Devil’s Claw encourages the production of stomach acid which may irritate the ulcer.


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