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When it comes to advising people on a new addition to their family in terms of a 4 legged furry, we live very much by the saying:

Why Breed or Buy When Homeless Pets Die!

 It is not due to the belief that all breeders should be avoided. Quite to the contrary, we believe many of them are ethical and add value in the form of keeping the various breeding lines clean and ensure the continued advancement of the breed. Our issue is with unethical, ignorant breeders and the numerous puppy mills that do exist.


One only needs look at the numerous advertisements placed on many classified ad sites and publications of people giving away or selling unwanted litters and the vast number of advertisements selling specific breeds for exorbitant sums of money, yet provide no details as to the lineage of the breed (and in most of these cases, you can be assured that the offspring are from puppy mill farms).


Many of these animals end up in shelters and rescue centres (and sadly, many of them pass away due to mistreatment, malnutrition and disease).


We believe that if the public are educated and adhere to the principle (which in many municipalities is actually a by-law) of having their pets neutered or spayed to prevent unwanted litters, we would not be sitting with the issue of having rescue and welfare centres over-flowing with unwanted animals and by extension, saving many of these animals from being euthanazed.


So next time you are looking for a new family member, take a trip to your local rescue centre. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that these animals are not "duds", but loving and doting creatures looking for their forever home.


Below are just some of the centres and organizations who work tirelessly to help animals. Support them and Adopt, don't Buy.

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